Fifteen Favorites: Religion


  1. Jacob’s Temple Sermon
  2. What Was the Mark of the Curse in the Book of Mormon?
  3. A Homily on Helaman: Choosing Faithfulness in a Changing Church Culture
  4. Defending Internal Book of Mormon Evidence: The Lesson of Proto-Indo-European
  5. Ironic Rhetoric Advances the Book of Mormon’s Thesis
  6. God’s Unrequited, Unconditional Love
  7. The Pattern Of Our Spiritual Journey
  8. Temples, Abortion, and Becoming Saviors
  9. The Condensed Book of Mormon, In 15 Verses
  10. The Book Of Mormon and the Heart On the Window
  11. The Purpose of Astronomy In the Book of Abraham
  12. No One Can Establish Zion Alone
  13. Fireproof: A Great “Mormon” Movie
  14. A Fireside With Joseph Smith’s Great-Great-Great-Grandson
  15. On The Virtue Of A Soft Heart, Despite Discouragement

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