Fifteen Favorites: Language & Literature


  1. 25 Years of Pulitzer Winners and Me
  2. The Cold Darwinian Erasers of Editorial Evolution
  3. Interplanetary Real Estate Law
  4. G-H-O-T-I Spells Fish
  5. Chiasmus in Helaman 13:29-39
  6. The Best American Short Stories of the Century
  7. Aristophanes Smackdown: Frogs Vs. Clouds
  8. Is Mario A Male Maria?
  9. Scriptures, Cautionary Tales, and “Inappropriate” Literature
  10. My Ten Most Influential Books
  11. Recommended Reading: The Deluxe Transitive Vampire
  12. Recommended Reading: An Instance of the Fingerpost
  13. On the Joy of Sentence Diagramming
  14. Lexicon-o-rama
  15. “Required New Yorker Short Story Format”

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