Fifteen Favorites: Humor


  1. Five Gross Things You Might Not Know About Babies and Childbirth
  2. Ten Best Simpsons Episodes
  3. Crucible Joke
  4. Afterlife Chit Chat
  5. Speaking of Aardvarks…
  6. How Men Measure Things
  7. Jeeves and Wooster Stories, Reviewed in the Style of Jeeves and Wooster Stories
  8. I Hate Romeo
  9. Edgar Allan Poe Writes Real Estate Ads
  10. Merry Pirate Birthday!
  11. Silly Serendipity
  12. America’s Finances Stabilize: USA Wins Lottery, Gets Inheritance, Sells Stuff On E-Bay
  13. Movies So Bad They’ve Never Been Released On DVD?
  14. Reviews Of Movies I Haven’t Seen
  15. The Shocking Secret Truth About The Math CULT!

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