Taking Inventory: Greatest Hits and Where I Go From Here

I’ve written about 1200 posts on this blog, in about four and a half years.  I enjoy it, but is it worth my time?  I recently looked over my bucket list, and I noticed that there’s nothing about blogging on there.

I went back over every post this summer, editing a few and deleting two–more housekeeping is probably needed–but I chose my fifteen favorite posts from each category, mostly to guide me in the future.  What’s working for me here, and what isn’t?  What’s been done to death, and what needs to be examined deeper?  These lists, to be posted over the coming week, should help direct me.

I want to write shorter posts–more bulletins, fewer essays.

I want more reviews of things I’ve read, seen, heard, tried, experienced.  This should be a chronicle of joy.

I want less ranting about our school system, parents, troubled students, etc., and more lesson plan ideas, useful anecdotes, and slices of life in a challenging but wonderful career.

I want more quotes from books and authors I love.  I want to scribble some quick flash fiction.  I want this blog to be my commonplace.

I want less commentary on “issues” and more exploration of principles.

I want more devotional entries, and more scripture study insights.  I love apologetics, but as in political opinions, what do I really have to add?

(More humor that’s actually funny would be nice.)

I started a journal for private reflection this summer.  This blog should be everything else.

I will probably write less and post less often; as my goals tell me, I have better things to do.


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