How to Permanently Erase a Hard Drive

Let’s say that you’ve had a late 90’s model Compaq Presario computer moldering away in your closet for the last few years now.  Then, let’s assume for a moment that you’ve been in the mood for some decluttering this summer, and want to get rid of it.

In fact, the only reason you haven’t done so yet is because you’re so paranoid about identity theft and such things that you’re worried about letting it leave your possession, even in the trash or if the hard drive was reformatted.

So, maybe you’d finally figure out a way to satisfy your fears on that point.  Maybe it would even be a way that would lead to an original and exciting activity for the whole family.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


5 comments on “How to Permanently Erase a Hard Drive

  1. You could have just reformatted it and then used a disk wipe program to write it full of random numbers. But I suppose that’ll do, as long as the actual drive plates get major physical damage, too.

    Or you could try with a really strong magnet. That usually more or less destroys data on a hard disk.

    But I guess you’ve found a funnier way. Last one I destroyed, I took it apart with a screwdriver (need a special set that only nerds usually have :) ), and sanded the plates. Try reading that, some spy agency… or potential identity thieves.

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