Mr. Kettle, Meet President Super Pot

By far my favorite ad in the presidential campaign so far has been this recent Obama commercial.  It’s hilarious.  It slams Romney for, allegedly, racking up a lot of debt and failing to create jobs.

So, um…is the Obama camp saying that if someone doesn’t create jobs and especially if they run up a ton of debt, that person is unfit to be president?  Because…yeah.


2 comments on “Mr. Kettle, Meet President Super Pot

  1. What he’s saying simply is that when you’ve created a lot of trash and someone comes along and say, ‘I’ll take out the trash for you,’ its not wise to either 1) criticize that person for the way he’s hauling the trash to the curb or 2) invite that person or party back in the house to make even more of the same trash.

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