Math Game

Here’s a fun and mildly neurotic game to occupy your mind while stuck at red lights and such:

The car in front of you probably has some numbers in the license plate.  Try to use them in functions such that you can reach each number 1-10.  My rules: you don’t have to use every number in each function, and you can rearrange them, but you can only use the numbers as often as they appear, not more times.

Example: you see a plate that includes the numbers 2, 3, and 8.  Here’s what I would do:











There are lots of places where such minor diversions can handily be had: prices on items while you wait in line at the store.  Prices on signs or other license plates while pumping gas.  Hymn numbers posted at church.  Numbers on screen–or anywhere you can see–during commercials.  (“$3.75 for gas!  Outrageous!  Oh well.  3-(7-5)=1, 5-3=2…”)


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