School Daze

As we approach the last several days before exams, I think one little episode best encapsulates this year for me:

Several weeks ago, I checked out the school credit card from our banker in my capacity as a student council advisor.  I left the office and then had one of those discombobulated moments: why had I requested this credit card?  What did I need it for?  Usually I would know, but this time I honestly couldn’t remember and had to look it up.

Was it for the Prom?  Or for Teacher Appreciation Week?  Or for Senior Awards Night?  Or for the Senior Picnic?  I was involved in preparing all four of those events at once, and it made me a little dizzy.

This has been the most fulfilling and satisfying year of my career, but I’m still looking forward to the end in a few weeks.  I’m pretty tired.



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