Strong Families and the Success Cycle

The best quote from the best article about Charles Murray’s new book about the facts regarding faith and family in America:

In addition, he says, the upper class needs to abandon its nonjudgmentalism, start “preaching what it practices,” and stop being afraid to send the rest of America messages such as: People should not be having children out of wedlock. Hard work and religious faith matter. Contrary to the image of the rich conveyed by celebrity news, they are committed to their families and live fairly tame lives, and that’s a big reason why they raise high-achieving children and have money.



5 comments on “Strong Families and the Success Cycle

  1. Perhaps examples like Newt Gingrich, thrice married Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, who had an affair with Cindy McCain before divorcing his wife, Ronald Reagan (Nancy was pregnant when they married) all would be good examples I’m sure.

  2. Nice that you only pick on one political party, when both sides have such examples. Perhaps you think that making fun of those who support conservative social values is a fun way to score a cheap point, by making them look bad. If so, congrats.

    However, your examples do nothing to nullify much less negate the many facts and statistics that back up the truth in Murray’s book: the most emotionally and financially stable families are those with lifestyles that involve faith and fidelity.

  3. Emotionally and financially stable families are those with sufficient economic resources and the blessing of emotionally stable grandparents – which of course is what Murray is basically saying: wealthy and generally white people are the best people and they should tell the unwashed and browner people what’s wrong with their lives, without of course supporting any policy that would improve their lot.

    The reason the rich have high-achieving children is because they are rich and can afford the best education and experiences for their children. They are rich usually because their parents were rich. Poor people have low-achieving children because they are poor, as were their parents, and they can’t afford a decent education for their kids much less any enriching experiences. They remain poor because the rich won’t permit the government to help them, and spend their free time haranguing them about their laziness and lack of good Christian values. Murray writes this stuff because it makes him lots of money at right-wing think tanks. Why anyone takes him seriously is a mystery.

  4. Murray’s book has nothing to do with race–he focused only on white people in this new book to prove that the problems faced by more and more people today stem from the decay of faith and family, independent of race. That talking point just doesn’t apply here.

    Again, your last paragraph is just a wishful thinking platform. It sounds simple on the surface, but where’s the beef? Your last bit is just ad hominem.

    • You’re right,that last sentence was a cheap shot. I think Murray is a hack and I have lots of company on that score. I’m also sure Murray doesn’t think his book is about race,since he got reamed in the press for his last book’s racist overtones, but the attitude is clearly racist. The idea that the wealthy uniformly deserve their wealth and the poor uniformly deserve their poverty because the former are good and the latter are bad (an over-simplification I know) is racist in a racist society like ours. It’s also poor science.

      You can’t prove that the problems faced by Americans today stem from the decay of faith and family. It is sheer nonsense. If you totally ignore the economic trends of the last 40 years and totally ignore the abolition and weakening of social programs that supported families, then maybe you can pull together some random facts that would support Murray’s contention. But that’s a lot of ignoring.

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