Great Gatsby Reboot?

This December, a new movie version of The Great Gatsby will be released, directed by Baz Lurhmann (Moulin Rouge!) and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Why?  This will be the fifth time the novel has been filmed.

Is this a series in need of a reboot?  Has the Gatsby franchise gone stale?  Was there some innovative new breakthrough in our understanding of the 1920s recently that demanded a revised vision of the story’s Jazz Age style? Will this portrait of post-WWI decadence somehow feature stunning CGI graphics?

This bugs me for the same reason I’m irked every time a publisher releases a new edition of Shakespeare or a revised algebra textbook.  What’s the point?  Nothing has changed.

Unless…the new Gatsby movie will be altered to suit a Gen Y audience…putting Kanye West on the soundtrack, adding a few car chases, etc.  Remembering what Luhrmann did with Romeo + Juliet (also, come to think of it, starring DiCaprio), that might not be too far off.


3 comments on “Great Gatsby Reboot?

  1. I’m still bitter about the 1974 version — it had the perfect cast: Redford as ? Gastsby? Mia Farrow as Daisy? Sam Waterston as Nick? Bruce Dern as Tom? It’s hard to think of a better set of actors that would have all been the appropriate ages at around the same time.

    But the direction and editing killed it.

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