Two Thoughts on Prometheus

I am very excited about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  With the arrival of the full trailer, however, I am left with two big questions:

1.  When will mankind learn?  When you find an artifact or message from an alien civilization, going to find them on their home planet is a BAD IDEA.  Something will go wrong, and you will die.

Unless it’s Contact, and the aliens turn out to be your dead dad.  Or 2001, and instead of killing you, the aliens turn you into a giant space fetus.  But in general, such situations never turn out well.

This must be like one of those zombie movies that apparently happen in a world with no zombie movies.  Why don’t any of those people ever seem to know what’s going on?  Does every zombie movie take place in a world where George A. Romero was never born?

2.  Why the heck would they name the ship Prometheus?  Isn’t that just taunting fate?

Prometheus was the mythological figure who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity, thus incurring the gods’ wrath.  Based on the spoilers I’ve read, that’s pretty much the same story here when the astronauts meet the super aliens who terraformed Earth.  They might as well name their ship Icarus or The Curious Cat or simply just Alien Chow.

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