Celebrating the Mad Magazine Fold-In

Honors have been pouring in recently for Al Jaffee, the 91-year-old comic genius who has been drawing the fold-in inside the back cover of Mad Magazine every month for over half a century.  Jaffee’s been lauded lately in outlets such as CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

I collected dozens of Mad Magazines as a kid in the late 80’s, and have very fond memories of the fold-in.  Like a lot of people, I tried to figure them out before actually folding them.

Definitely check out this amazing interactive archive of some of Jaffee’s classic work at the New York Times.

Try your hand at this fold-in below; since you can’t actually fold your screen, just try to imagine connecting the left 1/4 and the right 1/4 of the picture.


3 comments on “Celebrating the Mad Magazine Fold-In

  1. I have been a fan of Al Jaffee’s since I first ran into MAD in 1974. Epic, man. His humour is sometimes silly and discerning at the same time. Your first thought is slapstick, then you see how much deeper it goes than just slapstick.

    Just like Don Martin. And a bunch of others. For some reason, it seems MAD lost something of its edginess when it a) was bought out by Time Warner, b) when Bill Gaines died and c) when they went colour. Not that I have anything against coloured comics as such…

  2. Velska, I remember those things and you’re absolutely right. Also, when they added advertising.

    Moose, glad to take you back down memory lane!

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