A Retiring Veteran Teacher Looks Back

A few months ago a veteran teacher and administrator I know retired.  When she left, she sent out a wonderful, long message to the staff, sharing a lot of experiences and feelings.  I thought people might like to see some of these, so below is an edited version of that email.  Impossible to read this and not respect good teachers:



I.  A History Lesson


1.  When I graduated from high school in 1960 (I WAS young for my class and I skipped 4th grade based on an IQ test), the government tried to hire me for the BIA at $4800/year because I took shorthand at 190 wpm and typed at 110 wpm with accuracy,  THEY NOTIFIED ME IN A TELEGRAM!–ever seen one?


2.  Education was important in my family so I went off to Augustana….no going to work after high school.    4 years later I got a teaching contract at  $4600/year–so much for 4 years of education, but the passion I’d had to teach since 8th grade was finally put to use.  I went to school with Garrison Keillor, Mary Hart, and David Soul (Solberg–Starsky and Hutch).


3. I was student teaching the day John Kennedy was shot.  They brought  tv’s into our classrooms–yes, it had been invented!…but not color!  School was dismissed at 11 am.


4.  I taught 12 years in SD; ran a Staff Development Program for 3 counties for 3 years (government grant money).  We owned and operated a Best Western Motel, Restuarant and Bar for 7 years and I came to CCSD in 1988 for 25 years…..add those up and you’ll see that I was born in 1889!  Yes, it’s time to go.


II.  My bucket list is long:


I want to teach in Austria or Italty for a year or two
I want to go to law school
I want to sit in a cornfield and paint
I want to ride the zipline in Costa Rica one more time.
I want to help young children learn to read.
I want to sleep for 6 months.

3 comments on “A Retiring Veteran Teacher Looks Back

  1. If you’d like to add (help TeachaTeacher in Peru for a few weeks) to your bucket list, you wont have to worry about getting fired because the TEST SCORES DIDNT RISE! We’re not quite that far along here. In fact I (jokingly say … sometimes) the wheel and fire are still relatively new here. In many of the schools where we focus out attention electricity doesnt interfere either!

    Please check us out at http://www.teachateacher.org (just got our site up so please bare with us) and teachateacher.wordpress.com and Fb. If you know anyone who might be up for a challenge and would like to see one of the most beautiful places on earth, pass along our information. thanks, mac

  2. Art, sorry, even though there’s not much else, what there is is full of personal details. This is all you get! :)

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