Reviewed: The Original John Carter Story

Disney’s new movie John Carter is based on the first book in a classic series by Edgard Rice Burroughs, who also created Tarzan.  The movie must have at least enough similarity to the book that their official novelization of the film also includes the text of the book, called A Princess of Mars.  I read this book just a few years ago so, in case it helps in anyone’s estimation of the movie or if you like the movie and want to get more, here’s my review from 2008.  A quote:

A Princess of Mars impresses me, first, for the boyish audacity of its plot.  What is it about?  Well, it’s just another bland little story about a Civil War veteran who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he spends years battling giant green monsters using his newly developed superhuman strength so he can save a jaw-droppingly gorgeous princess.  Yeah!  Yes, kids, this largely overlooked treasure is Indiana Jones, Buck Rogers, and Flash Gordon combined.  No, it’s cooler than that.  I can’t wait to read the other ten volumes in the epic saga of John Carter, (wait for it)… Warlord of Mars!


2 comments on “Reviewed: The Original John Carter Story

  1. Have you read the second Barsoom novel yet, Huston? The Gods of Mars is fantastic. It’s a full on rush of action and incredibly imaginative settings and characters, and it ends with one of the most stunning images I’ve encountered in fiction. I enjoyed it very much.

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