A Las Vegas Scottish Ceilidh!

On Saturday I went to Las Vegas’ annual Scottish Ceilidh with two of my children.  As always, it was excellent and we all loved it.

Performances included music and dance.  Music was mostly by a local staple, Desert Sky Pipes and Drums.  Here’s a clip of them doing their thing:


Most of the concert was bits of highland dance.  Though none of this weekend’s performers seem to have YouTube videos, these videos of a classic sword dance are very similar to what I saw:


Even the wee little ones got a crack at it, too.  Pretty stinkin’ cute!  This is the same theater we were in this weekend, by the by:


The young ladies also did a routine to a version of “Everybody Dance Now” featuring bagpipes, and then they danced to “Cotton Eye Joe,” which looked a little like this:


As usual, the pipers played “Scotland the Brave,” whose tune is more familiar to Latter-day Saints as “Praise to the Man.”


Here are some lyrics for it:


Two different performers–an a capella version by a lone singer and then an instrumental rendition by Desert Sky –did “Amazing Grace.”  Here it is with pipes and lyrics by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:


See you at the Las Vegas Celtic Gathering and Highland Games on April 14-15!


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