Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen: Chronicle

Actually, every review I’ve read so far says this movie is pretty good.  Still, the plot sounds even more derivative than usual.  Angry, sullen teen starts developing telekinetic powers, and then uses them to exact revenge on the popular kids who tormented him?  Isn’t this basically the plot of Carrie, Stephen King’s debut novel from nearly 40 years ago?

In other news, I just realized that Carrie is now nearly 40 years old.  I don’t know that kids still read that one anymore.  Come to think of it, I seem to recall recently making a reference in class to a someone’s prom being ruined by having a bucket of pig’s blood dumped on them, and nobody got it.

This might be a bit of a stretch but, as I understand it, the main conceit of Chronicle is that the gifted kid uses his powers to float a camera around after him to record his awesomeness.  Carrie had a similar gimmick, much of its story being told through news clippings and excerpts from tell-all confessionals written by survivors.

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