A Case Study in Lazy Political Complacency

My last post a few minutes ago was about an essay at the wonderful education blog Brainstorm.  However, one author there is so insufferably, pedantically narrow minded, she doesn’t even make me upset, just bored.

In a recent post, she bemoans the fact that the current GOP campaign has not yet produced a critical witticism that compares conservatives to excrement.  She repeats a slew of stale talking points about the Right, and adds what are supposed to be insights, such as:

Which leaves us in need of the perfect aphorism as a response to the crazy ones coming our way from the GOP candidates.

Typical elitist blather parading as substance.  The whole post means little more than this: “If you disagree with me, then you are very dumb.”

Two days earlier, another post of hers stated that many conservatives are white and Christian and, therefore, have policies motivated purely by hatred.  She calls conservatives racists six times herself, and employs similar epithets several more times additionally.  No attempt is made to survey the actual claims of conservatives, assess the effects of their policies, defend her own ideas, or (horror!) take into account the humanity of those who differ from her, who simply get lumped into starkly negative stereotypes.

Her conclusion:

It is time for the news media, even outlets as white as The New York Times, to start calling the GOP what it is–a party that manipulates white resentment and white privilege in order to gain votes.

Again, the translation: “If you disagree with me, then you are very dumb and very, very bad.”


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