Sunset Regret

Two mornings ago, I saw one of the most beautiful sights of my life.  As I walked out to my car at six a.m. to leave for work, just as the sky was barely starting to turn from black to blue in the east, I saw the full moon, radiant, hovering just over the western horizon, its glow illuminating the highest ridges of the mountains in a haunting echo of light.

But I just got in my car and left.  Yesterday it didn’t look quite as good, and today, when I actually took a camera outside with me, I found that the moon had already waned enough that it was just an oblong blob, and far too high in the sky for its light to connect with anything.

So I wasted a chance to preserve–and share with you–one of the best things my eyes have ever been blessed with seeing.  But I’ve seen the moon like this on other mornings over the years, and I’ll remember this and try to find the scene again next month.


One comment on “Sunset Regret

  1. That’s why i love camera/smart phones. I’ve captured many a pretty scene quickly, and then if i don’t have time to go back with my “real” camera i at least have a record.

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