Recommended Listening: Bill Miller

I first came across Bill Miller’s music as a teenager when I saw Tori Amos in concert, touring for her second album.  I remember liking the show well enough, but I remember being blown away by the opening act, a Native American folk rocker named Bill Miller.  I’d never heard anything like him, and I felt connected to the resonant echoes that poured out from his acoustic guitar.

Not long after, Miller did a show at a local arts center, the kind of free show one sees at library amphitheaters.  It was just as compelling, just as profoundly earnest as the other show, and when he came around to do a bit of meet and greet with the audience afterwards, I shook his hand and could immediately tell that he was genuinely kind.

Miller’s had a solid career since then, but hasn’t exactly become a household name.  That’s too bad, because his stripped down, faith-fueled music is completely accessible by mainstream standards.  I confess, though, that I still only own his first album, The Red Road, that I bought after those shows nearly twenty years ago.  At any rate, here are three tracks from it that I’ve always loved, in the best YouTube versions I could find.  Sadly, I couldn’t find any audio for “Faith of a Child,” which I know you’d also love.





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