Ron Paul Dream

Last week I had a dream about Ron Paul.  In my dream, I was at some kind of convention or rally, and people got to go up to a table and meet Ron Paul.  When it was my turn, I said something like this: “Like a lot of conservatives, I’ve had misgivings about your foreign policy.  Could you explain what exactly you would do about terrorism?”  Paul started to answer, but (here is where it gets weird) as soon as he started talking, I feel asleep.  In my dream.  Then I started dreaming.  In my dream.  And the dream I had inside my real dream was just a scene from James Cagney’s 1949 gangster noir film, White Heat, which I saw earlier this year.  Then I woke up.

So if Ron Paul had a good answer, I didn’t get to hear it.  But I did get to live out Inception a little bit!

After waking up, though, this thought occurred to me: things are so bad domestically in America that, even if our very worst fears about Ron Paul were true–that he’s an isolationist whose soft foreign policy would endanger us–he might still be the candidate who would do the most good for our country.  Consider that in light of the fact that I increasingly think we’ve been wrong about how he’d prosecute terrorism, and his leadership looks more and more effective, and necessary.  Certainly, he’d be no worse than any other candidate on domestic issues, and probably much better.

One comment on “Ron Paul Dream

  1. I often wonder how conservatives really feel about Ron Paul’s foreign policy – now I have a better idea.

    US foreign policy since WWII has been focused on two interrelated concepts: American control of the world’s important resources, particularly those that are scarce, and insuring that there are no real threats to American domination of the world. Both are morally bankrupt and both are anti-Constitutional and fly in the face of the doctrines of the Founders. While other excuses are always given for America’s constant and deadly intervention in the affairs of other nations, an investigation of the facts always returns to those two concepts.

    I agree with Ron Paul that we will never be able to regain our democracy or get our government under control (the people’s control that is) until we end our foreign interventionism and the national security apparatus that threatens our liberty. I disagree with him about a lot of other things, but on this he is correct.

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