Diplomatic Dialogue Has To Start Somewhere…

Below, libertarian economic expert Peter Schiff talks to Occupy protesters.  Some of these protesters are confused, barely literate brats riding a bandwagon, but a few of them are clearly very serious, mature, intelligent people.  Unfortunately, a video like this has to operate in sound bites, and I wish the forum had been a quiet table and not a public series of rapid fire confrontations, but the exchange of ideas here gives me hope.  Future discussions could be fruitful.  There is common ground.  There is some common sense all around.  Kudos to Reason magazine for putting this together.


One comment on “Diplomatic Dialogue Has To Start Somewhere…

  1. I think that at first he was out for a fight, and it was sad that he wouldn’t let anyone finish since he controlled the mic but I gained a lot more understanding and respect for some of those protestors.

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