Actual Fun on Virtual NES

I recently rediscovered VirtualNES.Com.  Though I don’t have a lot of time or interest in video games these days, this easy-access bastion of nostalgia fascinates me.  It’s brought me back to some great childhood memories.

It reminded me of how addictive Arkanoid is.

It made me realize just how much I’ve forgotten about Super Mario Bros.  And YouTube just showed me that the urban legends of youth were true–you really can jump over the pole!

It’s brought back endless afternoons spent in the worlds of Zelda, Castlevania, Double Dragon, and even Paperboy.

I’d forgotten Ghosts N’ Goblins even existed.  Thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can now watch some genius actually beat it.  I never got farther than about thirty seconds in.

Speaking of hard games, Virtual NES has resurrected the joys of Battletoads, another tough game–in my opinion, one of the most clever and innovative ever made.  Here’s another skilled gamer showing it who’s boss:

Blaster Master was a vastly underrated game–tons of fun.  I wish more people had played it.

Maniac Mansion was one of the coolest things ever invented.  Few video games ever made me laugh so much.

Shadowgate is still a deeply immersive first person RPG.

Good grief–the graphics and memory sizes have all gotten infinitely bigger since then, but can games today really compete with these early wonders?  I’m sure my rose-colored glasses are making these old things look better than they are.


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