Jeopardy! on DVD?

Am I the only one who would buy episodes of Jeopardy! if they were released on DVD?  I think there must be a market for this.

So what if we already know the answers and who wins?  There’s always plenty to enjoy and learn.

It would be cost prohibitive, I imagine, to release entire seasons, but selected collections could sell like hotcakes.  Sets of the college tournaments, teen tournaments, and the tournaments of champions would be perennial sellers.  All time greatest hits collections, outtakes, and celebrity features might also be big.

If nothing else, they could put out a ten-disc set called The Ken Jennings Collection, and I would pay whatever they ask.


3 comments on “Jeopardy! on DVD?

  1. No. You. Are. Not. The. Only. One. Seriously. I just mentioned this to a friend today, and when I tried to find any DVDs via the trusty-dusty net, I was lucky enough to happen upon your blog. If you find any DVDs, please let know. – Unapologetic Nerd.

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