I Support the 1%

I am a public school teacher, but I choose not to hate or envy those whose hard work and innovation have brought them greater wealth than I have.  They have taken nothing from me.  My life is the result of my choices.  Each of us is responsible for dealing with and improving our own circumstances.

My house is only worth 1/3 of what I’m paying for it, but I will not scapegoat a small group of people whose work is related to New York’s financial district.  I will not associate the illegal malfeasance of a very few with the wealthy population in general–such prejudiced thinking has always led to atrocities.  Many of our country’s economic problems were caused by the reckless buying and poor preparation among us in the middle class, anyway.  It’s time we grew up and admitted it.

I’ve had difficulty paying bills on time and providing for my family, but I do not feel entitled to demand that wealthier people are obligated to bail me out.  This is a free country, and we believe in private property.

I have had student loans in the five figures.  I paid them off by budgeting and sacrificing.  Nobody forced me to take out those loans, and nobody else was responsible for paying them back.

I pay no income taxes, yet I benefit from public services.  I will not have the gall to impose upon the wealthy a convenient vision of what they “must” provide for others.  There is no such thing as an objective “fair share.”

I am the 99%, but I support the 1%.

6 comments on “I Support the 1%

  1. The 1% thank you for your support. Even though our bought and paid for politicians defund the public school systems to give us tax breaks and enrich our corporations, it’s nice to know that people still think we deserve our wealth by hard work and innovation. We’ve obviously been successful in hiding our fraudulent activities from public view.

    It’s also nice to know that most people haven’t figured out that the housing boom and bust and the foreclosure crisis was our intentional creation to amass more wealth at the expense of ordinary people. It was your fault you bought a house that fell in value and took out a mortgage for more than the house was worth. We knew you were doing that (we were betting against the market) and our captive regulators knew it too but it’s real nice of you to blame yourself for it.

    It’s also nice to know that you don’t make enough income to pay income taxes as a result of our manipulation of the economy. You do benefit from public services but we are working hard with our political hacks to eliminate those services as soon as possible. We don’t need those services since we can pay for whatever we need, and we sure don’t want to pay for you to get services.

    Thanks again! It’s so gratifying to know we can ruin your nation and its economy and you still blame yourselves for what we’ve done.

    • As part of the 1%, we like to thank you for caring more about the contestants for American Idol than for our Congressmen and Congresswoman who is making your life more difficult because they care more about us than you.

  2. How can either of us really know what the other understands, Lori? We’re strangers reading sound bites here. But I might suggest that there are factions within the “1%” who want to foment class struggles, and when we in the 99% buy into it, then THAT part of the 1% has won. Maybe this should be less about identifying with sides and more about principles that transcend targets.

  3. The majority of these commentors are idiots, I’m also a 99%er who supports the 1%. As a business major, they obviously don’t realize that without a top 1% we fall into one of two things: a destroyed economy or socialism. And yes, a worse economy than what we’re in.

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