Big Search Engine Is Watching

Before I could post my Edgar Allan Poe audio on YouTube recently, since it was over 15 minutes long, it made me provide my cell number so they could send me a confirmation code.  In my haste to have this project done, I complied. Only afterwards did I wonder what difference it made if my video was over 15 minutes, or why it mattered if I could be reached via text, and how the two were so related in YouTube’s mind that the latter added legitimacy to the former. 

Then, in a moment of cold, dawning horror worthy of the Poe story I was trying to share, it hit me:

  • Google owns YouTube.
  • There is no good reason for them to request my cell number other than to simply have it.
  • Now, Google knows my cell phone number.

*Sigh*  I look forward to getting text messages from Google, as well as everybody else they sell my number to.

2 comments on “Big Search Engine Is Watching

  1. The big monster can now be sued for your phone number in a secret “national security” letter w/o you knowing and w/o there being any demonstrated reason to believe you’ve done anything untoward, let alone dangerous to national security.

    But if you wish to avoid all the crufty search monsters, try They do not remember anything about you, they keep no search logs.

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