My Maxi Pads

So my new school gave me a box of maxi pads.  It’s normal at the start of a year for schools to give all the teachers bags of band aids for their students, since kids get lots of little cuts and need band aids all the time.  

But, though I’ve worked at several campuses, I’ve never heard of a school including maxi pads in that supply bag.  Of course, the student body at my new school is 75% female, so maybe that has something to do with it. 

I’m not quite sure what to do here.  Do the girls there know that teachers have this stockpile that can be dipped into as needed?  But I can’t imagine any girl ever having an emergency so extreme that she’ll approach a male teacher and say, “Excuse me, do you happen to have any maxi pads on you?”

Or am I expected to make an announcement?  “Attention everyone.  FYI, I have a box of maxi pads in my desk.  As you were.”  I seriously can’t imagine a scenario where someone gets one of these from me, and it isn’t all kinds of creepy. 

Advice is welcome. 



3 comments on “My Maxi Pads

  1. I don’t think it should have to be creepy, and if you keep an attitude that the pads are along the lines of needing a band-aid or a tissue or any other thing we need for totally normal things, that it will help your students through what is already an embarrassing thing. Meaning if you see it as no big deal, hopefully that will be one less thing they feel they need to be ashamed of.

    How to tell them you have them: Assemble them in a first aid/emergency kit. Some band-aids, some thread and needles, some buttons, velcro, etc. At the beginning of the year tell them you’re there to help with those little annoyances that life throws at them and keeps them preoccupied from learning, and show them what’s in the kit. When you get to the pads, and people will giggle, just say, “Hey, it’s part of life, no big deal.”

    Even if you never have to give them away, I bet at least one student will feel better knowing you have them, and that you won’t make it a big awkward thing should they ever need them.

  2. What Natalie said, precisely. If girls know they can just say, “Hey, can I get something from your first aid box?” without having to identify the specific item they need, and if you’re studiously checking something else while they fish for the item so they can have a little privacy, life will be a little less overwhelming for some girl some day.

    And every grown woman who’s ever been a high school girl in an awkward position thanks you for it.

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