Spot the Red Flags

Even at the start of a promising new year, one can’t hep but spot the occasional red flags; signs that a student will have problems–or cause problems–down the road.

At one of my UNLV remedial writing classes yesterday, I asked students to fill out an information card, as I do with all classes.  One young man, in response to a question about his hobbies and interests, put “Getting money.”  Helpfully, he illustrated this with a drawing of a Benjamin.

And in response to a query about what I should know to help him achieve better, he wrote: “I don’t like taking s–t from anybody.” 

He’s a criminal justice major. 

They had to give me a writing sample yesterday, a simple essay responding to an article by a popular mystery author giving writing advice.  Half of his essay was just about how much he hates reading and writing. 

And so it goes.



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