Daily Beast Praises Mormons For Embracing Science

Excellent.  Today, the Daily Beast recognizes Romney and Huntsman’s uniquely pro-science stances in this presidential campaign as reflecting the nature of their faith.

One of many great quotes:

From the very founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, its leaders have allowed scientific thought to coexist with their teachings, sometimes in ways that were radical for their time. Modern Mormon scientists, for instance, are quick to quote Brigham Young, who said in 1871, “In these respects we differ from the Christian world, for our religion will not clash with or contradict the facts of science in any particular… whether the Lord found the earth empty and void, whether he made it out of nothing or out of the rude elements; or whether he made it in six days or as many millions of years.”

2 comments on “Daily Beast Praises Mormons For Embracing Science

  1. That is, as long as we’re willing to forget Joseph Fielding Smith and his son-in-law BRM’s writings and speeches. Smith was a longtime advocate of creationism and anti-darwinism. He had it out with Talmage way back when, didn’t he?

  2. I like the quote by Henry Eyring, unquestionably the greatest Mormon scientist of our age (Henry B. Eyrings father): “The fundamental principle that has guided my religious life is that I need believe only what is true.” There is an interesting article by Stephen H. Heath, “The Reconciliation of Faith and Science: Henry Eyring’s Achievement” which deals with Henry Eyrings interaction with Joseph Fielding Smith who was then the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the foremost theologian of the Church concerning President Smith’s anti-science views expressed his book, “Man, His Origin and Destiny” and many other speeches and writings.

    If you are interested in finding a downloadable PDF of the article, do a internet search search on both name of the article and the name of the author.

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