Pandemonium: Place of All Demons

We had Panda Express tonight, and one of the packages said “Enjoy Pandamonium.” Cute.

Pandemonium is one of my favorite “root word” words.  It breaks down as “Pan Demon Ium.”

Greek gives us plenty of place names that end in “-ium”: gymnasium, stadium, etc. 

“Pan” means “all,” as in the Pan American Games, which features athletes from across all of the American countries (though not every country actually participates). 

And “demon” means “demon.”  You know, scary little evil monster things. 

So, pandemonium literally means “place of all demons.”  In Milton’s Paradise Lost, Pandemonium is the capital of Hell. 

Gives new meaning to “all hell broke loose,” eh? 

So despite what Panda Express says, it’s not really something to enjoy, puns notwithstanding.


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