Facebook Raises Awareness

People see a 15-year-old girl holding a baby, and they assume she’s a skank.  No one knows that she was kidnapped by aliens and had the embryo implanted as part of a government experiment to cross-breed humans and aliens. 

People see an overweight woman and call her names.  What they don’t know is that she gained that weight by rescuing a hundred blind orphans from a burning hospital. 

People see an old man with scars on his face, and most of them think, “That’s unfortunate for him, but I’ll get to know him and look for all the good in his personality.  The scars aren’t really a big deal.”  What these ignorant morons don’t know is that he’s a psychopath who kills puppies in their sleep.  You can tell because of the scars.

Repost this if you aren’t evil.

5 comments on “Facebook Raises Awareness

  1. I do wish that I could repost. But alas, I am evil. Or at least really mean.

    I am so glad that you are raising awareness. My husband’s second cousin was part of that government experiment. Her child became a telemarketer. This travesty must be stopped!

  2. According to this and some other Facebook spam campaigns, I’m apparently evil, or at least not [something positive], for not posting them as my status.

    However, I have it on good authority (Hollywood), that Aliens actually kidnap innocent people. The street-wise skanks are not nearly gullible enough to let them do their stuff; they’ll put up a real fight and aliens are so far progressed socially from humans, that they’re actually scared by that, not understanding what to do.

    But I’m also skeptical about the puppy-killing psychopath. I mean, I have scars, visible ones, too! I’ve never killed a puppy in my life. At least they haven’t been able to pin it on me… but I just fed the kitten. Been trying to fatten her, but she’s too active for that.

    Well, long live good conspiracy theory!


  3. Be sure to forward this post, or all of your descendants for a thousand generations will smell like goat cheese and listen to Michael Bolton.

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