NPR: Fair and Balanced

I actually really like listening to NPR.  Yes, the constant stories about some quirky and/or oppressed little guy vs. some big bad mean corporate entity get a bit tedious, but there’s a lot of good stuff on NPR, and not just the humor shows on Saturday!  (See my Arts entry this Monday for an example.)

Today, I heard two different commentators on the debt ceiling debate say that tea partiers in Congress are “radical extremists” who “nearly brought this country to the edge of ruin” because of their agenda to limit the size of government.  Such hyperbolic character assassination is pretty vile, but these were commentators, not reporters.  One was on The World, the other was on All Things Considered.  Two such insults in one day, almost exactly the same.  Good grief.  I wonder how many other times it was said that I didn’t hear.

On the other hand, that same episode of The World also had a story about tea party foreign policy that was rather gracious; not quite sympathetic, but that wouldn’t be news, either.  It was objective.  It was fair.  Good for them. 

In other news, today, for the first time in history, the credit rating of the United States was lowered by a major agency.  Who saw this coming?  Oh, right, those kooky tea paty nuts.  The next time Uncle Sam wants to borrow a dollar, ask for some collateral.

3 comments on “NPR: Fair and Balanced

  1. Interesting how the tea party is being characterized by NPR and the MSM. “If we could just print more money and reduce the rate of government spending by just a little we can call it a cut, right?”

  2. I have the same experience with NPR. One day, they’ll have an interesting interview with a great, nonpolitical novelist. The next day, they’ll be interviewing someone who just wrote a book “explaining” that fearmongers are spreading lies about the “settled facts of global warming” in such arrogant and one-sided tones that it makes me want to throw a mean pie at the radio.

  3. Good to know I’m not the only one with a love/hate rlationship here. I like to think their good stuff is so good it makes the twisted stuff bearable. And isn’t it always a hoot to see how much variety they can squeeze into Marketplace?

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