Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen: Final Destination 5

I haven’t seen any of the Final Destination movies, but from what I understand, they all start the same way: there’s a crowded place, and an interesting young person has a vision of imminent doom, which is heeded only by a few others.  They all escape while the rest of the poor fools are graphically butchered.

My question is this: by the fifth movie in this series, wouldn’t everybody be familiar enough with the events of the first four that they’d have enough good sense to listen to the kid?  If four public disasters were each immediately preceded by a teen loudly foretelling the event, don’t you think that would be pretty well reported? 

Extra 1: Hey, did you see that intense-looking teenager just run off this elevator screaming that it’s going to drop and we’ll all be killed? 

Extra 2:  Oh yeah, and then several other attractive young people followed him.

Extra 1:  Well, I know this might sound crazy, but…do you think we should go, too?

Extra 2:  What, are you nuts?  Do you believe in ESP now?

Extra 1:  I know, I know, but don’t you remember hearing about those other four times in recent years where all those people ignored the crazy kid and then blew up or something?  I’ve gotta say, I think I see a pattern here.  Better safe than sorry. 


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