Please Help a Wonderful Young Woman Fight Cancer

I know a young person with an inoperable brain tumor.  She was in one of my classes last year–just a wonderful, wonderful young lady.  She’s been in pain and been diagnosed with cancer only fairly recently–a couple of months ago–but her options are already pretty limited.  Still, she needs treatment and medication, and that’s not cheap. 

Here’s an introduction to her from the blog that her mother maintains to follow her progress:

Kassidy is 15 years old and on May 19, 2011 was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor located in her brain stem and spine called a ganglioglioma, a very rare type of tumor. Kassidy is a very strong and positive person. Her love is softball, but she also plays tennis and bowling at her school. She loves hanging out with friends and playing her violin, guitar, and piano. Her goal is to go to college and play college softball. Please help Kassidy reach her goals!

Her blog even plays U2’s “Beautiful Day.”  Yes, this is someone who is awesome and deserves help!  Kassidy was the subject of an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal last month, which would also help you get to know her better:

Kassidy was asked about her initial reaction upon learning her tumor was malignant and inoperable. It wasn’t “Woe is me.” It was woe for her letterman’s jacket, and the blank chenille bars stitched under the names of her sports, to be filled in after she earns subsequent letters in them. If she’s sick, how is she going to bowl a 160, or throw out would-be base stealers, or play her dad’s Stradivarius, the violin he handed down to her when she was in sixth grade?

Could you please help?  Here are some ways:

  • There is a car wash and garage sale at Centennial High School today and tomorrow (Saturday) from 8 AM-3 PM.  Centennial is at the end of Centennial Parkway, right in the northwest corner of the 215, just west of the 215 and Durango. 
  • Here’s a Facebook page sponsoring some nights at local restaurants next week for Kassidy–Macayo’s on Sahara on Tuesday, and Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday.
  • You can also donate to Kassidy through the Las Vegas Cancer Foundation’s Livestrong fundraising bike ride on October 1st.  I’m going to sign up for the 60-mile ride.  Who’s with me? 
  • Please share this with anyone and everyone you know who could help.  I’m not usually a fan of passing along links that ask people for things, but this is important.
  • And could I also ask you to keep her and her family in your prayers? 

If raising a million dollars would help her have just five minutes of comfort, wouldn’t it be worth it?  Thanks for anything you can do.


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