Let Us Now Praise Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is the anti-Lindsay Lohan.  This young man has just spent the last decade growing up as the most famous child actor ever.  The mere fact that he isn’t using an army of naked groupies to bring him drugs 24/7 is proof that he’s a great guy. 

In interviews about the final Harry Potter film, Radcliffe has confessed that in the last few years–since turning 18–he slept around a little and drank a bit too much, but those days are already over.  That’s it?  If that’s his big dark past then, like I said, he’s a saint compared to how most of us would have handled his fortune and fame. 

What’s kept him so clean?  Probably his defining characteristic is that this guy knows how to work

First of all, he’s made eight major, excellent films in the last ten years.  Think about what a punishing schedule that is.  He did more quality work before he became an adult than most people do in a lifetime. 

And he clearly cares about the quality of his art–did he ever once phone in a performance?  Show up to work hung over, or strut around like a prima donna?  Radcliffe’s twice the man Charlie Sheen is. 

Besides the films, he’s already done one acclaimed stint on Broadway, and is currently in the middle of a second.  This is not someone who’s content to stay in his comfort zone or rest on his laurels. 

In addition to worshipping his screen character, I hope the world’s millions of Harry Potter fans take a cue from the star’s real-life heroics: the day-to-day dedication to excellence that makes him truly deserve to be at the top of his game.

5 comments on “Let Us Now Praise Daniel Radcliffe

  1. “Slept around a bit?” Isn’t that the “sin next to murder?” Lindsay’s drug use is nothing to the sin next to murder. Of course, she is probably a harlot. But he is male, that makes it ok for him.

  2. Wow, Troy, that’s three negative comments at once, with this last one bordering on being personally insulting. Gee whiz, fella, tell me how you really feel.

    Let’s try to tone down the smarter-than-thou anger, what do you say?

  3. My initial reaction was, “who’s Daniel Radcliffe?”

    And my kids & wife have been watching all of the Hairy Potter movies in my home. But I always figured I’m nerdy enough; with my glasses and Linux and Python and Ruby and C and C++ and, well, do I need to go on?

  4. To be honest, I pretty much felt the same way as Troy (sans sarcasm). His choices of non-Potter work has not been the stuff of innocence. I’ll give him ten years before he becomes a washout has been.

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