Wasp Advice?

Since the beginning of June, I’ve been seeing a lot of wasps in my back yard.  They seem to like the apple tree, but they also spend a lot of time in the grass.  I’ve checked all over, and I don’t have a nest anywhere.  When they fly off, they always go away over the wall, so maybe a neighbor has a nest. 

At any rate, though none of them have seemed very aggressive yet, I’d like to get rid of them.  Throughout the day, there are two to four of them out there, and it makes it hard to do yard work or grill.  I’ve read in a few places about making a soda bottle trap, and that sounds like it might help, but I really don’t know.  If anybody has any advice, I’d be happy to hear it.


4 comments on “Wasp Advice?

  1. Did you take out a tree or a large bush or anything like that in the last couple of years? If the underground roots have rotted out leaving nice cool tunnels behind, you may have an underground nest that you aren’t aware of. I could only get rid of mine by locating a small opening, poking the hose down, then leaving the water running day and night until the tunnels were flooded out.

    Good luck on finding the cause and curing it.

  2. Thanks for the help, all. I hope there isn’t a nest underground, but there shouldn’t be–they all come and go over the wall. They’re just little yellowjackets, not red. I’ve never seen red wasp in Las Vegas, but then again, I never saw a praying mantis here until eigt years ago, and now I see them all the time–I just saw two babies in my yard on Monday.

    I put up a trap today–the soda bottle with the top covered with jam and inverted kind. We’ll see.

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