Download Electronic Items From Your Library

Did you know that you can borrow electronic items from your public library?  You might have known that most libraries now carry a wide variety of audio and visual materials in addition to their book collection, but their downloadable options seem to be less well advertised. 

This is the page for my area–the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District–where you can see a whole digital menu spelled out.  Besides ebooks and audiobooks, there is even a selection of music and movies.  This is how I got to hear Sarah McLachlan’s Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff, which I have just checked out again (ha ha, beat you to it–you can have it in a week). 

Around here, you can check out 35 electronic items at a time, and they don’t have to be put on your computer–eBooks, for example, can be put on your Nook or similar device.  Music can go on an iPod. 

Now, to find a good travel video about Scotland…



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