North Las Vegas Election Non-Endorsements

So North Las Vegas has an election on Tuesday and I have no deep feelings about it.  In the two North Las Vegas campaigns, I like both candidates in one race, and in the other, I don’t really like either one.

In the ward 4 city council race, incumbent Richard Cherchio, who was nominated two years ago to fill a vacated spot, defends his seat from Wade Wagner. 

Wagner’s a conservative Republican and Cherchio is a Democrat, but Cherchio has proved himself to have some strong fiscal responsibility.  His support of cuts has earned the ire of unions, who seem to be set on ruining him, but he does support a consulting boondoggle that appears to be unnecessary, to say the least. 

Cherchio may not be perfect (for example, in the video debate below, he says he favors collective bargaining), but he is very good, and I’d like to see that rewarded. 

Wagner has solid fiscal values and I like businessmen in office.  On top of that, while I don’t know him personally, I’ve known two of his younger siblings for years, and I know their family to have a great reputation.  That means a lot. 

Since the unions are out to get Cherchio, they’ve thrown their weight behind Wagner, and the Cherchio camp has tried to paint Wagner as a union stooge, but I can’t see that in anything Wagner says or does.  I’m confident that, as good as Cherchio has been, Wagner would be even more fiscally conservative.  Again, in the video below, while both candidates show a mature restraint when needed, Wagner is clearly more comfortable trimming government and standing up to the system. 

Both camps have, of course, released attacks on the other guy, but this actually reinforces my respect of both of them: none of the accusations about either of them strike me as having much substance or merit. 

Cherchio knocked on my door a few weeks ago and we had a pleasant and impressive chat for a few minutes.  I’ve received several calls from Wagner’s volunteers and they’re clearly passionate and have substantive ideas to share. 

The Las Vegas Review-Journal endorses Cherchio.

These are both good, competent men and, whoever any one votes for, there’s one thing I’ll say for certain: there’s no good reason to vote against either of them. 


Allow me to offer some advice to the candidates.  Whichever of you doesn’t win this election, please consider running for the state assembly against Kelvin Atkinson, a rampaging liberal Democrat who, as seen in his voting record, has never met a spending bill he didn’t like.  He’s been in office for far too long and nobody has been able to give him a real challenge yet.  Either of you could do it. 


In the race for municipal judge, there is Marsha Kimble-Simms and Catherine Ramsey.  Below is a debate they had, and here are their answers to a Nevada Concerned Citizens questionnaire.  As you can plainly see, they both lean strongly to the left in their judicial philosophy, Ramsey only slightly less so. 

They have each accused the other of ethics violations and, again, they both come out of this mud-slinging a little dirty, but Ramsey a little less so.  I’ve noticed that Kimble-Simms’ roadside signs have been altered to reflect the Ramsey camp’s successful attacks. 

The Las Vegas Review-Journal endorses Ramsey, but without any commentary as to why.  

So I can’t say that I care for either of them, but I might have to go with the lesser of two evils here.  I know someone who simply left that spot on the ballot blank, and I can see the wisdom in that protest.

Where the heck are the conservative judges in this race?

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