Political Action: A Plea for Education

I have to admit, this is an emotional rather than logical plea, but it is my way of yelling into the void to see if someone will listen. This is part of a campaign spearheaded by my friend Mark Jimenez and the group Nevadans for Funding Education. I’m extremely curious as to what its reception will be here. I’ve been sick for two days, so I will attribute any fallacies to the 2 ton elephant standing on my chest…(editor’s note: DANG IT, caught a typo AFTER I fired this bad boy off to the gov and representatives. Darn you writing in a web browser!)

I’m going to cut to the chase. By not properly funding education, the legislators of our state are cutting off the metaphorical nose of Nevada to spite its face. “The system is broken!” is a popular refrain, and teachers are routinely made the scapegoats in the current education climate. People say “You can’t throw money at the problem!”, to which I wholeheartedly agree. I’m not saying we should throw good money after bad.

I’m saying, let’s not decimate what there is when we are already hurting.

The costs of cutting education in such a draconian and callous fashion may temporarily ease the budget crisis in Nevada, but the rise in foreclosures among educators, the flight of quality educators either to other states or other industries, inand Nevada’s complete inability to lure new educators to the state will result in costs that will not be as easily discerned as the all powerful bottom line. I haven’t even mentioned the students which will feel the brunt of these cuts both through the attrition of educators, and frustration of those that survive this fiscal bloodbath.

Stop heeding the call of special interests and lobbyists which are no doubt influencing our current policy, and dig deep to find REAL, sustainable solutions to what are some of the greatest challenges the great state of Nevada has ever faced. I crossed party lines to vote for this governor and many local and state representatives this past election. Please don’t turn your back on me and my fellow educators now in this crucial hour.

The future of our state rests in your hands. Please make the right decision.

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