You may think this a little strange, but I present, 3 days into the tournament, my sheet of integrity, uploaded to the interwebs, to stand as a challenge to Jamie’s weak, chalk filled bracket.

NEWS FLASH, his Final Four is already BUSTED! BY A TEAM I PICKED!!!!!

Go ahead and look it over, and my commentary will follow in the comments. He will verify via email that even though I’m late with this post, I did not pick these games retroactively. This is the one bracket I filled out this year, and I intend to beat Jamie’s picks into the ground!

My overall champion is SDSU over Notre Dame with a score of 52-49.

2 comments on “TRUE Bracket of AWESOMENESS!!!!

  1. As a USU fan deep in the heart of Aggie land, I’m feeling gilted by the return of the 1st round demon, thanks for picking USU to get into the sweet sixteen. Just wish it would have happened. Now I’m trying to find it in myself to cheer for BYU, but after last night’s whomping of Gonzaga, I’m coming around. Good luck on the rest!

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