NPR Mocks Michelle Malkin’s Family After Her Cousin Goes Missing

This morning on NPR’s popular comedy show, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, a segment aired where a contestant had to choose which of three strange news stories was actually true.  One of the (false) options concerned conservative commentator Michelle Malkin.  The NPR show joked that, after Malkin had advertised her belief that President Obama is a “secret Muslim” and that she believes other “secret Muslims” are “taking over this country,” she found, to her dismay, that her own grandfather was a Muslim. 

First of all, while the humor of this segment was based on the idea that Malkin must be a hypocrite with a Muslim relative (which even the show acknowledged was untrue), the setup was based on the premise as I described it above, which the narrator clearly presented as factual. 

I’ve followed Malkin’s blog and columns for years now, and she has never said that President Obama is a Muslim, nor does she believe that Muslims, “secret” or otherwise, are somehow “taking over this country.”  While she does report on multiethnic strife in many areas of the world, including ours, as a result of political correctness and lack of assimilation, nothing she has ever written comes close to the bizarre, mean caricature aired this morning on NPR.

But NPR’s mistake goes far beyond mere slander.  Their joke targeted the family of a specific conservative at a time when that specific conservative’s family is suffering a tragedy.  Quite a coincidence.  It’s been two weeks since Malkin’s cousin Marizela Perez went missing, possibly the victim of a kidnapping.  Malkin has used her media presence tirelessly since then to help find her young relative.  Either NPR and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me are not nearly as well-informed in their news awareness as they’d like us to believe, or they cruelly decided to go ahead with a particularly tasteless joke. 

Ironically, just before this segment aired, they made fun of Gilbert Gottfried getting fired for his tasteless jokes about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Pot, meet kettle.

Malkin has repeatedly noted NPR’s recent controversies regarding their bias and the recent vote to end their federal funding.  Do political differences justify emotionally torturing someone’s family during their time of heatrache, NPR?  Classy. 

Will NPR apologize to Malkin for tormenting her about her family’s painful tragedy?  Will they then use their own resources to help find her cousin Marizela? 

I’m calling on all of us to contact NPR and ask them to do exactly that.  Nothing less would be decent. 

Malkin’s most recent posting about her missing cousin is here.

Audio archive of the NPR show is here.

Fill out this form to contact NPR and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.


44 comments on “NPR Mocks Michelle Malkin’s Family After Her Cousin Goes Missing

  1. I love NPR and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is a weekly favorite. Haven’t heard this show yet as it doesn’t air in my area until 4:00 PM Saturday afternoon.

    I can assure you WWDTM is an equal opportunity offender. Nothing here to get too upset about.

    It is after all it is just entertainment.

  2. How was NPR “tormenting her about her family’s painful tragedy”? I heard the segment. It had no connection to her family’s situation. Or are you saying they should be “politically correct” and check every joke for any possible, tangential offense it may present. And she HAS railed against Muslims. You are quite the hypocritical fool.

  3. Ken, I’m all for “equal opportunity offenders!”

    Mark, really? By all means, please give me a quote and source from Malkin where she says Obama is Muslim or that secret Muslims are taking over America. I’m waiting.

    And is it that hard to empathize here? Not only is Malkin in agony over her missing cousin, she must be wondering if her controversial status could somehow be related–hopefully not, but a scary possibility. On top of that, here comes a radio show that singles her out during this crisis and makes fun of not just her, but goes out of its way to talk about her family. This seems like a harmless coincidence? The timing and circumstances don’t seem at all tacky? If she were a liberal and Glenn Beck had made a joke like this, the mainstream media would be calling for blood. Probably literally.

  4. I have to say that Malkin is doing her best to delude herself into believing that Islam is some kind of monster that is creeping slowly into America, and if she did not say she actually believes Obama’s a Muslim, she does keep harping about his supposedly too soft attitude towards Muslim terrorists, and keeps up the worst kind of Jihad-scaremongering. You’ll never know when your house blows up!

    Plus, she’s in denial about the fact that the “climate of poverty and ignorance” in Middle East does indeed breed terrorists. Or who thinks that well-off middle class people would send their kids to blow themselves up as “martyrs”?

    There are, naturally, people from very different backgrounds involved in terrorism, but a “statistical” analysis seems to suggest that the figureheads are upper-class, and the terrorism angle is both a personal one (they’ve studied in Oxford and figured that Westerners are decadent) and a way to divert the poor people’s desperation and aggression somewhere else than against the upper classes. This is a standard procedure.

    Furthermore, if you read the history of Middle East from the last 100 years or so, you’ll see that westerners (British, Americans, French, Germans, Italians) have indeed oppressed and robbed them blind. So it’s a perfect diversion. Just like any time an American president feels politically weak, there’s a huge campaign of fearmongering; a common enemy unites a fractured people better than almost anything. Or wasn’t “terrorist threat” the most important campaign “talking point” in Bush’s re-election campaign?

    Thus, when Margaret Thatcher felt weak, she suddenly figured that Malvinas Islands (Falklands) were so important that they had to make a dramatic declaration of war to Argentina and send the Navy. And they did make it in the next election (which Maggie herself decided when it was going to be).

  5. Forgot to add that anything that the “Islamists” have done in the last decades pales when compared with the legacy of the Crusades, including that Europeans and Americans arbitrarily divided the fallen Ottoman empire’s area into countries that had nothing to do with how the people there lived. Ergo, Europeans have a “natural right” to decide over the affairs of Middle East…

    Plus, I don’t thin anybody will seriously suggest that Bin Laden is devoted to Islam; as far as we know about the 9/11 people, they did not live according to Islam nor were very devout; sure, when you put a poor shepherd, who has been helping Al Qaeda types to supplement his income, in an animal pen and he thinks he’s eventually going to be murdered, it’s not too far-fetched to suggest that that is what makes him read the Qur’an, if he can read. And if he’s going to be radicalized, that cage is one of the surest places to achieve that.

    You know, I’m really not trying to be contrary as bringing a different angle to this. Personally I find it hard to believe you actually have had the patience to read Malkin for more than a few hours a year. The style is decidedly tabloid.

  6. Hmmm, Atta, one of those “9/11 people” could certainly read. Definitely not the poor shepherd you speak of. Cairo University. Tech Univ of Hamburg.

  7. Actually, I think that Huston is trying hard to jump on the defund NPR bandwagon and grasping at straws. But, you never know, maybe Breitbart will notice you and you can become one of his minions.

  8. Hello Velska,

    It’s remarkable how you are able to reduce all motives to the material and class. Unfortunately most of the 9/11 hijackers came from middle class Saudi Arabian families – yet they were still willing to kill themselves (difficult to see the personal material advantage in that act) committing acts of tremendous violence. Osama bin Laden himself came from one of the richest families in the Middle East. Clearly economic well-being is not the only human motivator for violence (or much else besides). Notwithstanding apparently hypocritical behavior of the hijackers, the weight of the evidence is that they – like Osama – actually are sincere in their religious beliefs.

    And the Crusades? Really? Events that happened eight, nine centuries ago? If this is the case, why should not Europeans and North Arican/Middle Eastern Christian marinate in violent resentment for the Arab invasions that first overran much of the Mediterranean world in the 7th and 8th centuries, or that by the Seljuk Turks that overran Asia Minor in the 11th (the event that spurred the Crusades in the first place)?

  9. I’m thinking “Velska” proudly regards itself an autodidact. I’m thinking “Velska” should’ve held itself back for a few grades.

  10. *Or who thinks that well-off middle class people would send their kids to blow themselves up as “martyrs”?*

    You mean, like the 9/11 hijackers?

  11. By all means, please give me a quote and source from Malkin where she says Obama is Muslim or that secret Muslims are taking over America.

    That was one of the fake stories. You don’t seem to understand how the game works. Or what “fake” means.

  12. Trying to somehow connect Malkin’s cousin to the joke is a bigger stretch than some of Malkin’s conspiracy theories. This, of course, won’t stop her from playing the victim since that’s all she’s got.

    Or, as she likes to put it, “Call the wahhhh-bulance”.

  13. LOL. Its slanderous to say that someone’s grandfather was a Muslim? Jeez. What better illustration of ingrained bigotry.

  14. Perhaps NPR should also not mention individuals who have met any members of Malkin’s family? Because it is quite a stretch to say mentioning Malkin’s grandfather is ‘torturing’ her family.

    I’m just wondering where the outrage was when Rush was mocking tsunami victims in Japan. Not merely mentioning relatives – actively mocking them.

    “The Japanese have done so much to save the planet. He’s right. They’ve given us the Prius. Even now, refugees are still recycling their garbage, and yet Gaia levels them [laughs], just wipes them out. Wipes out their nuclear plants, all kinds of radiation. What kind of payback is this?”

  15. “Equal opportunity offender” – I don’t think so.

    I end up listening to “Wait-Wait” fairly frequently because it follows “Car Talk” on our local station (one of the very few programs on NPR which rarely, if ever, demonstrates political bias).

    I remember that, when Bush was in office, there was hardly a week that went by without some slur or innuendo about him.

    Now that we have Obama in the same office, making equally remarkable and frequent errors, the comments about him are few and far between.

    “Equal opportunity offender”? Not if the “offender” is a Democrat.

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  17. A perfect example of the Right’s “brittle and brusque” personality: they can dish it out but can’t take it. Malkin routinely dishes out hyperbole, her listeners will have more luck than me pointing out examples. Then again, maybe not…

  18. It should also be noted that Malkin will do or say just about anything to get attention. She’s like a basketball player that “flops” to try and get a foul called.

  19. Just like any time an American president feels politically weak, there’s a huge campaign of fearmongering; a common enemy unites a fractured people better than almost anything. Or wasn’t “terrorist threat” the most important campaign “talking point” in Bush’s re-election campaign?

    Thus, when Margaret Thatcher felt weak, she suddenly figured that Malvinas Islands (Falklands) were so important that they had to make a dramatic declaration of war to Argentina and send the Navy.

    Holy revisionist history, Batman!

    PM Thatcher didn’t make an aggressive move in the South Pacific by any means. In 1980, there actually was discussion among British officials about abandoning the Falkland Islands and letting the Argentines have them after over a century-and-a-half of disputes over them. The bottom line at that time was that whatever action was taken to hand over dominion would have to have been agreed upon by the British subjects on the islands.

    It was in April 1982 in the midst of a Argentinian recession when President Leopoldo Galtieri suddenly decided that the most important thing he could do for his people was to overwhelm a force of 84 British Marines, cut off communications from the Falklands to the world, and dare the Brits and the world at large to do something about it. President Reagan said beforehand the action would be seen as an act of aggression. The UN had an emergency session condemning the invasion. No matter to Galtieri, who was the beneficiary of a patriotic hail-mary pass at first, and the goat when his navy was soundly defeated.

    You have the Falklands — not Malvinas — situation 180 degrees backward. Maybe that’s what happens when you rely on NPR.

  20. The legacy of the Crusades has nothing to be ashamed of, by comparison to the Muslim conquest before the crusades, or the Ottoman conquest of Constantinopolis. The Ottoman Empire was taken down by local revolts, (Abdul Aziz Saud, Sayyid Hussein bin Ali of the Hejaz, and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey) because the Ottomans did not care about how the local people lived.

    The Arabs were not robbed blind by westerners, rather the oil bearing countries were made rich by westerners.

    Terrorists do indeed come from wealthy families, because the wealthy families are terrorized by the Islamicist terrorists, so much so that they pay a tax of at least one of their children. Muslim terrorists always begin by terrorizing Muslims.

  21. What on earth does this attempt at humor have to do with the situation in her extended family where someone is missing? Nothing wahtsoever.

    This seems like a really lame attempt at holding Malkin up as some sort of victim who should be immune from sarcasm and mocking. For a woman who fills our media-space with such a constant ugliness. I really wonder what you motive here is.

  22. I feel for Michelle, I really do. A missing loved one is agony, there is no moving on until the truth is known, and a million scenarios pay all at once in one’s head. She must be going through a living hell.
    With that said, I can’t think of anyone who deserves less of a “time out” because of family tragedy than Michelle Malkin. She drove a school official to suicide with her wacky views that caused the woman to be brutally harassed,having released her information onto the internet. She creepily stalked that kid’s family who was being held up as an example of why health care reform was needed. She supported putting Muslims in camps during the GWOT (even writing a book about it). Cindy Sheehan is a certified wacko, but a wacko who lost her only child in a war she opposed and did not understand. Malkin repeatedly published her Ms Sheehan’s information on the internet and demeaned her in an effort to market GWB’s war.
    Sorry. Even if the incident were offensive to Ms Malkin (which it isn’t) she’s a bit too late to ask for any sympathy.

  23. Velska you are clown.

    Trotting out the freshman debating cliche of “Oh yeah?! What about those evil Christian crusaders? Huh? what about them?” is as simpleminded as the “Insert favorite politician” is worse than Hitler nonsense.

    It’s self-righteous bigots like yourself the created the PC climate of fear that resulted in 13 dead soldiers at Ft. Hood. But I’m sure your not to troubled by that. They were just Neo-Crusaders, right?

  24. Roy Edroso hit the nail on the head when he observed that conservatives swing from delusions of grandeur to delusions of persecution. In this posting by Huston, we see the latter.

  25. Given the way Ms. Malkin treated Graeme Frost’s family, I don’t think she has too much basis for complaint. What has gone around has now come around. I feel for her cousin, of course, and wish her safe at home, but Michelle Malkin gave up any claim on sympathy a very long time ago.

  26. So, a “popular comedy show” (by your own description) “joked” (again, your word) about Malkin’s grandfather being a Muslim, and this is supposedly offensive because Malkin’s cousin is missing?

    First of all, how in the world does a joke about her grandfather make Malkin upset about her cousin? Stretching a little bit, are we?

    Second, while she may not have ever used the exact phrase “secret Muslim”, Malkin has spewed such nonsense as describing Obama’s trip to Indonesia as a “jihadi-promoting jaunt”.

    Finally, Malkin of all people is in no position to claim some sort of “family matters” defense for anything. I am sure, for example, that the family of 12-year-old, brain-injured Graeme Frost, who were stalked and had their personal information (address, phone number, etc.) published by Michelle Malkin would not appreciate the irony.

  27. Wow…..way to obfuscate. The Crusades? Really? I’m guessing by your standards, we should just ‘get over’ 9/11 or Major Hasan but continue to prostate ourselves and apologize or the crusades- the most recent of which took place more than 200 years before the American revolution.

    I wonder- are you so willing to casually dismiss the more recent atrocities commited by Muslims when they’re perpetrated against other muslims- Or does that somehow stem from the Crusades as well?

    Must be nice living in a world where everything bad is somebody else’s fault…..

  28. Wow. Did anybody who is upset about this actually *listen* to the segment? Did Huston? Or did you just use information “reported” by Malkin? News flash: Malkin is not a reporter. She is an opinion columnist. She doesn’t report; she opines (like I’m doing here).

    Further news flash: WWDTM has no reporters (except for former newsman Carl Kasell, who serves as the announcer and provides the “prize” for winning… his voice on an answering machine/voicemail message). This is a panel comedy quiz. Comics make up ridiculous stories as part of the game you describe. Sometimes (as in this example), comics are more interested in the absurd than they are in getting the contestant to vote for their story as being true.

    “NPR” didn’t attack her; a comic on a comedy show on NPR made up an absurd story about an extremely intemperate and polarizing figure. They do that a lot… Spoiler alert: they like making fun of libs in ridiculous ways, too.

    By tossing around the word “slander,” you show that you don’t know what the word means and cast serious doubt on the likelihood that you actually listened to this thing. If you *have* actually listened to this thing, you cast serious doubt on any assertion that you’re something other than a frothing-at-the-mouth idealogue. Of course, by stating that you assiduously follow Malkin’s “reporting,” you pretty much stipulate that point anyway.

    Finally, the only thing more ridiculous than taking umbrage at this nonexistent personal attack when you make your living personally attacking others, is somehow linking this nonexistent personal attack with a personal family tragedy. Huston asserts that “NPR” should know about this tragedy (because, apparently, everybody who appears on their air should be thoroughly familiar with the current goings-on for all of the most radical conservative nonjournalists). Apparently, people who have experienced personal tragedies should be exempted from being made fun of. Good thinking. That leaves, well, almost nobody.

    I’m a very informed consumer of politics, but I’d never heard of her personal tragedy. It’s deeply saddening that something like that would happen to anybody. But I don’t read much Malkin. I have found her to push ideology, not information, so the signal-to-noise ratio approaches zero. Obviously then, I don’t read much *about* Malkin. Before breaking out the hyperventilating hyperbole, consider that most people who are not rabidly conservative idealogues probably don’t know anything about Malkin’s personal life.

  29. Defund NPR….Enough is enough of their left wing mean spirited BS….I for one do not want my tax payer dollars going to support this organization….Let em pay thier own way and then they can say what they want….It will not be on my dime.

  30. wow, Velska would get a D minus for history! Her ignorance warrants no excuse, there are thousands of historical documents on the dreadful scourge of Islam since 634 AD as it swept through the then CHRISTIAN majority Middle East with sword and terror! and it continues today! just last week alone in Nigeria 69 churches burned to the ground and 10,000 now homeless christian Nigerians fleeing in terror , many with machete wounds, missing limbs, from the friendly muslim MINORITY , Nigeria is a predominantly CHRISTIAN country…But this is how islam has always spread its influence.. Multiply this violent scenario in every other country Papua New Guinea, East Timor, China, Thailand ,Indonesia, Phillipines, the Balkans, India, Sudan,Ethiopia, Somalia,Egypt,Iraq, etc etc , and you will find persecuted non muslim minorities as well as majorities suffering incursion of jihadist muslims on their borders…Velska needs a reality pill .. I suggest a holiday in Sudan or Nigeria helping the thousands of maimed victims to bring her to her senses!! shameful ignorance! and a cruel denial of the unbelievable atrocities committed by islam against christians, hindus, and non muslims every single day!

  31. Whether NPR’s commentary slants to the left or to the right is immaterial. If it slants either way it should not receive taxpayer funding. If you notice when they are stumping for money with their pledge weeks they never say how much money they need to continue their broadcast schedule. I can’t help but feel that they have funds coming out the wazoo. At this point in time if they can’t make it without taxpayer funding it’s probably best that they fold.

  32. One would expect nothing less from NPR. Muslims don’r scare me half as much as most of the comments re this article. I’m afraid this nation is way past saving!

  33. Bill,

    Wow. Did anybody who is upset about this actually *listen* to the segment? Did Huston?

    He did. You’d know that if you’d actually *read* the post.

    (Newsflash: he demonstrated knowledge of the show and how “Bluff the Listener” works — in the very first sentence!)

  34. Wait. Wait. Don’t Tell me. You mean NPR is still on the air? Well, I guess the liberallos need SOMETHING to counter FoxNews, but that’s like bringing a knife (and a dull one at that) to a gunfight. Leave NPR alone. Now that Jim Jones and David Koresh are gone to glory, where else can the NPR listeners go?

  35. NPR is a joke, and so is anyone who listens to them. I think that ALL Conservatives should turn the channel (or not go there in the first place) when it comes on. Protest, if you haven’t already, with your ears and then lets cut its funds off from our wallets! We will not stand for it any longer. Power to the people and not the corrupt Government no matter who is in office from what Party.

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