Calvin and Hobbes on Unhappy Educators

I remember attending a department meeting my second year of teaching where several of the veterans complained about the ignorance and laziness of their students.  I went home discouraged, not about students, but about my colleagues.  Why are they teaching, I thought, if they hate it so much? 

A decade later, I understand.  Those teachers weren’t complaining because they hated kids and didn’t care; they were frustrated because they cared deeply, and their lack of success was disappointing.  You only get frustrated about things you care about.  We know what our students are capable of and how important education is, and young people’s lack of achievement is sad because we want more for them.  The teachers you should worry about are the ones who never feel bad. 

Thus, the comment below this cartoon, from The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book, resonates with me, especially the last line.  Amen, as always. 

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