31 Days of Mozart

This January 27th, Mozart will be 255 years old.  In celebration, the good people at KING in Seattle are putting on a month-long festival of Mozart.  The schedule is shown below, and links to their station.  I’ve listened to this station online for years, and love it, and the Mozart theme this month is splendid.  I find that, alas, the local classical music station has no such Mozart celebration going on. 

The library is holding a copy of Amadeus for me.  I’ve never seen it, and this seems like an apt time. 

Speaking of the library, one of the best audio books I’ve ever borrowed was their copy of Mozart: His Life and Music, a Teaching Company title by Professor Robert Greenberg.  I’ve listened to and enjoyed several of Greenberg’s lectures, but this one is my favorite.  It’s a fun, quick, and easy listen, that truly does justice to the great composer’s life.  Mozart’s love for wordplay really comes across in his letters.  Highly recommended.  Especially if your library has it! 

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