13 Things Mormons Like

The Official Guide To Stuff Mormons Like, a satirical blog perpetrated by my friend Steve and I, is still growing.  In case you’ve missed out on the hilarity, here are my contributions so far:

  1. Making Fun of Themselves
  2. Expensive Pictures of Temples They Don’t Go To
  3. Testimonies of Random Stuff
  4. Predictable Blogging
  5. Loving / Hating Utah
  6. Criticizing Those Who Criticize
  7. Mormons Like Blogging About Stuff Mormons Like, Apparently
  8. Showing Off Names of Mormon Celebrities
  9. Deceptive Marketing Tactics
  10. Adapting Popular Things In a “Mormon” Version
  11. Ridiculously Large Extended Family Portraits
  12. Cheesy Seminary Videos
  13. Thrashing Anti-Mormon Arguments

Ah, only a deep and abiding love for a culture can produce social commentary like that!

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