Post #100: O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

So now it’s time for the esteemed editorial board here at GHS to kick off our Wal-Mart sandals and prop our bare feet up on the computer desk as we look back over the first century of entries on our “eclectic online journal,” nursing a tall, frosty chocolate milk all the while.

In just under four months, we’ve reached this dubious anniversary (after all, sheer quantity of output hardly gives a guarantee of quality–have you ever actually bothered to read a James Patterson novel? *gag*).  My goal of posting one entry on average per day is about on target.  Before this, I’d thought about taking on the 100Words challenge.  This is even better. 

What have the last four months wrought?  Some kind, any kind, of discernibly positive effect on somebody’s life?  Check.  Occasional compliments from out in the airy nether regions of Internet Land?  Check.  Hate mail?  Check.

My ten favorite posts out of the first 100:

  1. “How I Learned To Love Bruce R. McConkie In Just Five Easy Steps (And You Can, Too!)”   3/27/08, Religion
  2. “The Five Worst Problems In America Today And The One Thing We Can Do About Them”  4/4/08, Politics and Society, Religion
  3. “On Popular Educational Philosophy: Presenting The Modern Gym!”  4/22/08, Education, Humor
  4. “The Insidious IEP And Frivolous 504 Portend A Nightmare”  5/10/08, Education
  5. “Examining Our Attitudes Towards Money”  5/11/08, Religion
  6. “Required New Yorker Short Story Format”  5/12/08, Language and Literature
  7. “Posts On Gay Marriage”  5/29/08 and “Once More Unto The Breach”  6/2/08, Politics and Society, Religion
  8. “Mormons Should See Muslims In The Mirror”  6/3/08, Religion
  9. “The Shocking Secret Truth About The Math CULT!”  6/10/08, Humor, Religion
  10. “Ten Conservative Principles Endorsed By The Book Of Mormon”  6/23/08, Politics and Society, Religion

Clearly, I need to focus more on writing about art and living well.  What else does the future hold for nobody’s favorite blog?  Well, let’s just say that the fundamental nature of all human society on Earth is about to be drastically pushed to the next level.  Or not.  I’ll probably just squander this outlet on more jokes about flirting with sandwiches.

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