Dining Review: Samba’s at the Mirage

Courtesy of my in-laws, my wife and I got to enjoy dinner at Samba’s Brazilian Steakhouse a few days ago. 

First, the atmosphere.  I can’t understand why anybody would place a fine dining establishment next to the floor of a Vegas casino.  We couldn’t even hear each other over the roar of the crowds, machines, and piped-in rock music.  The restaurant is laid out to offer every seat a view of…the gaming tables….oh boy! 

The service was acceptable, but hardly impressive.  The most important thing, the food, of course, was very good, but also far short of breathtaking.  For the prices you pay and the expectations raised by the hype (it’s in the Mirage, after all), you’re not getting a meal any better than what you might expect in any average steakhouse.  Yes, there was plenty of great meats, but I got their signature dish–the Rodizio–and they bring you so much meat so quickly, you simply can’t linger on the different tastes, much less appreciate them all. 

If there’s any kind of meat you like, they’ll have it, but you’ll also be served a kabob full of something you probably don’t like.  Of course, you can turn it down when it’s offered, but I found that inconvenient.  The side dishes they serve on a lazy susan–fried bananas, beans and rice, steamed spinach, a small variety of breads–are a fine complement to the meal; I only wish I could have focused less on the pounds of flesh I was served and more on them. 

Visiting Samba’s is worthwhile, especially if you saw something here that appealed to you, but I doubt you’ll like everything about it, or that it will become anybody’s favorite.

Ironically, when I got to work Monday morning, a coupon  for another Brazilian steakhouse was in my mailbox, this time courtesy of the school district.  I’ll go try that one out soon, and I have a hunch I’ll enjoy it more than Samba’s. 


Final Grade: B-

Here’s a wonderful dining establishment which I heartily recommend, without reservations (ha!): https://gentlyhewstone.wordpress.com/2008/04/19/recommended-dining-yassou-greek-grill-cafe/


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