Sarcastic Post About Education On Newspaper Web Site

Today, the Las Vegas Review-Journal bemoaned the abject lack of math achievement in our middle schools:

In that editorial, they noted that one middle school–Sig Rogich–performed very well.  They suggested that we find out what they do different from everybody else and copy it.  I posted the following comment on that page; so far it seems to be well received!


Huston wrote on April 22, 2008 10:35 AM:

“Here’s an easy recommendation for Mr. Rulffes’ committee: Learn exactly what Rogich Middle School is doing and copy it — everywhere.”

Agreed. Here’s what they do:

* Every math teacher got together in the past to make sure that they’d have a school in a strong socio-economic area that became a good neighborhood because all the parents worked hard, thus creating an environment that encourages education

* The principal ran a staff development day that resulted in having a student population that, due to its location in said strong area, is likely to have more intact two-parent homes where students are actually raised, not just sheltered

* All teachers and administrators performed those few simple, obvious procedures that instantly created a student population that, because of their positive HOME environment, are less likely to ditch school, do drugs, or get wrapped up in negative cultural trappings, thereby helping them to actually do some of their homework

Now, why doesn’t every school just go out and do all these things today? It’s easy!

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