Recommended dining: Yassou Greek Grill Cafe

Yassou Greek Grill 7871 W. Charleston (at Buffalo next to McDonalds) • 702-798-8989

My wife and I have eaten here twice now, and liked it even more the second time.  The depth of choices on the menu is complemented by reasonable prices, and the atmosphere is a sweet icing on this Mediterranean cake.  (Last time we were there, we sat outside, where soft regional music was piped in and an artist was displaying her paintings of Aegean landscapes, and I remarked how well they recreated a relaxed Greek ambiance on the side of a busy six-lane street!)

You know you’re eating authentic European food because you can fill up and still feel light–there’s none of the bloated, heavy dullness that follows an American meal.  The interior is well arranged with interesting items around the perimeter of a small yet open, airy space (Hemingway would have loved it!).

Here’s a picture of a typically mouth-watering plate:

Click here for a menu and more pictures of this pleasant little slice of Greece:

Recommended dining for:

  • date night
  • feeling like you’re not in Las Vegas
  • charming a companion with how sophisticated you are
  • enjoying the perfect marriage of taste and atmosphere
  • lower blood pressure
  • eating delicious Greek food…duh!


One comment on “Recommended dining: Yassou Greek Grill Cafe

  1. Great review, and it sounds like a wonderful place, but I must take issue with you, good sir. Some of us LIKE the heavy dullness that follows an American meal. That is what freedom tastes like.

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