“Recommendation” for a Student


Last week, a student asked me to fill out a form to recommend her for student council.  When she gave me the form, I noticed that next to “teacher name” she had written a clever nickname instead of my actual name.

So, I turned in the form like this:

1. How do you know the applicant?  We stood next to each other in line once for lunch at a market in Bolivia while I was on assignment as an assassin for the CIA, and she was working in the sideshow of a circus that was passing through town.

2.  Why would this student be a positive addition to Student Council? 

  • Useful as a scapegoat if the police start snooping around
  • Her collection of human internal organs could be sold as a fund raiser
  • Expert belching skills can entertain other Council members on slow days
  • She would think this is funny

Good thing our Student Council advisor has a sense of humor.  I hope…

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