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Probably has to be the cabin scene from the Marx brothers’ 1935 masterpiece, A Night at the Opera:


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A classic.  I remember Patrick Stewart doing this bit as a guest host once, but I can’t find the clip.  Still…

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Adjacent to this hospital is a medical office building, thus this sign.  Still…Vegas, baby!

Vegas, baby!

Vegas, baby!

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As the father of seven children, I’ve had to clean up a lot of gross stuff over the years.  I’ve only been peed on twice, and both times were my own dumb fault–I shouldn’t have been so slow with the transition while changing a diaper.

Still, what happened Monday takes the cake.

Our new daughter was one day old, and I was changing her diaper.

She had just gotten some work done at the hospital, and had a bandage on her heel where they drew blood.  As I started, it came off and she bled on me.  I put a new band-aid on.

I took off the old diaper and she promptly peed on me, and her clothes, and the blanket.  I got the old diaper back under there to get as much as I could.


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Some teachers may say that the canon of classics is obsolete.  They may say that basic things aren’t as important as creativity.  They might degrade the value of memorizing facts.

But if you’re a college student and you go on Wheel of Fortune and pronounce “Achilles” incorrectly, millions of people will laugh at you.

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“TV Party Tonight!”

Great satire from early 80′s-era Black Flag.  Even better than the social commentary is the reminder of what was popular 30 years ago (“That’s Incredible! Hill Street Blues! Dallas!”).

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Sideways Editing

When revising writing that I’ve labelled “awkward,” students have a tendency to practice what I call “sideways editing.”  Instead of swapping out their initial phraseology for something more fluently developed, they rearrange the existing parts into an equally awkward sequel.

Here’s an example that I now use as an illustration in class:

First draft: The article had good ideas in it and related them to us good. 

is not substantially improved as

Second draft: The article’s ideas were good and they were related to the readers in good ways too.  

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“That’s what she said”

How to be a droll troll: say “That’s what she said!” immediately after any female ever says anything.

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Instapundit Fun

Go to Instapundit.  Scroll down a few screens and on the right you’ll see the search box.  Search for the phrase, “They told me if.”

Enjoy one of the Internet’s best running gags.

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Sick Day Origins

Teachers: “It’s 3 A.M. and I’ve thrown up five times.  Maybe I should call in sick?  But the juniors have that big project due today, and I want to be sure I hold them to it.  Besides, a lot of them worked really hard and they want me to see their final product.  And I have two parent conferences I need to be there for.  And if I stay home sick, I’ll just have to go in for a bit anyway, because I’ll have to switch out half the materials for 3rd and 4th period for stuff the sub will be able to use.  And I have three kids coming in for detention today–no way do they get off the hook!  Plus, I’m doing my favorite lesson of the quarter with the sophomores and I don’t want to miss that, or push it back, or have a sub messing that up.  …Oh!  And I wanted to talk to those guys in 1st period about the game yesterday!  *sigh*  I’ll just go in.  It’s too much hassle to take a day off.”

Students:*Achoo!*  Sweet!  I have the sniffles.  I’m gonna take a week off!”

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“Baned” Books

A “Baned” book would be in much worse shape than a banned book.

Last week I saw a student open a paperback in that painful way that so many people do; the pages he’d already read were folded all the way around so that the front cover touched the back cover.

As he started reading, I said, “Dude, that book’s Batman and you’re pulling a Bane on him!”  The student immediately got the reference and let the book go from this contorted death grip.

Scroll down for an explanation of the joke!


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Annotating Dan Brown

A bit of harsh language, but hilarious and spot-on:  http://www.themillions.com/2014/01/dumbest-thing-ever-scribbling-in-the-margins-of-dan-browns-inferno.html

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The Anti-Poseur T-Shirt Rule

There’s just one law that we really need to make the world a better place:

Anyone wearing a t-shirt for a band must, at any time, upon being stopped in public and questioned, be able to correctly name three songs by that band within ten seconds.  Anyone who doesn’t successfully pass this test must hand over the shirt to the questioner.

Sometimes I wish I ran the world.


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